Welcome to BPO-Partner



Implementing Strategy, Partnerships & Innovation

BPO-Partner is an independent European business consultancy, matchmaker and provider of offshore BPO services that facilitates European businesses to adapt the 21st century business model (Focus, Flexible, Expansion driven, Lean & Mean, Global Partner-network)


There will be no future for ambitious European companies without a professional dedicated partner-network around the globe offering state-of-the art BPO, KPO and ITO services.


BPO-Partner assist businesses to execute their strategy, realize offshore partnership and achieve operational effectiveness and a sustainable competitive advantage. Our consultants use comprehensive, up-to-date business knowledge and proven innovations to do this. 


It is the clients' results that count.

Our BPO-Partner consultancy offers four key areas of expertise:

Ø       Strategic Business Consultancy

Ø       Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO) & IT- Outsourcing

Ø       Managed Services (BPO & ITO)

Ø       Detachment (onshore, offshore)

Ø       Project en Interim Management


We work for clients in the following sectors:

Ø       financial services,

Ø       trade and industry,

Ø       health care 

Ø       public sector


BPO-Partner wants to be the champion in accelerating client’s business expansion by offering the ultimate partnership to facilitate their future growth.  We are here to support and assist European businesses in realizing their ambitions and provide them with the maximum flexibility of the 21st century.


The formula with ‘ultimate flexibility’ is based upon three pillars:

1. the state-of-the-art ICT network and computer infrastructure.

2. the pool of highly motivated knowledge workers (knowledge workers)

3. the fine-tuned, non stop – 24/7 – operations using superior control
and management styles (Knowledge factory. process
    management, HRM)



This way BPO-Partner is empowering European companies in the highly competitive market place and facilitates further growth and expansion of the business. This allows such companies to capitalize on the experience, know how and expertise of BPO-Partner and to take advantage of our highly productive and highly motivated knowledge-workers.







Peace of Mind 


For your peace of mind we utilize numerous security measures which include:


·      Photo ID Cards

·      Security Guards

·      Biometric Fingerprint Door Opening & Staff Recognition Equipment

·      Secure Onshore Receipt & Handling

·      Enhanced Offshore Security

·      Split Document Transmission

·      Compression

·      Encryption

·      Firewalls


BPO-Partner operates with a full digital video surveillance system and has developed a web front end for those clients with a requirement to view dedicated operations from the comfort of their own office